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In the jungle of Formosa, Argentina, a white man is the leader of a group of the socially excluded Toba tribesmen. He has taught them to play rugby, creating the Aboriginal Rugby Club, and to defend their dignity and their rights. At the same time, the past of this charismatic coach ties him to extreme ideologies. This man’s adventure of consciousness.



A hero makes sacrifices for something greater than himself. His feat is spiritual, and through it the hero learns to experience the supranormal spectrum of human spiritual life, and then returns with a message. This is the stuff of myths. They speak of the transformation of one kind of awareness into another. You used to think a certain way and now you find yourself obliged to think a different way. How is this awareness transformed? It may happen through the hero’s trials or by means of enlightening revelations. But the ideal behind the sacrifice of a man who sets himself up as a leader may be considered disreputable or even immoral by others.Mythology is metaphor. It puts our mind in touch with what may be experienced but not spoken.

Original title / La quimera de los héroes (35mm. Colour. 70 minutes. Dolby Digital. Argentina 2003).

Cast / Eduardo Rossi

Script & Directed / Daniel Rosenfeld

Co-scriptwriter / Eugenia Capizzano

Script adviser / Edgardo Cozarinsky

Direction of Photography / Ramiro Civita (A.D.F.)

Sound / Gaspar Scheuer

Editor / Ewa Lenkiewicz y Lorenzo Bombicci


Produced / Daniel Rosenfeld Films

In co-production with / Serge Lalou (Les Films D'ici) / INCAA / argentinacine / Zentropa / Jan Vrijman Fund / CNC / FRANCE 2 / SBS


Awards / Venice Film Festival Oficial Competition Jury mention award / Venice Film Festival Ofcial Competition

Best New Director / Festival International du Film Belfort / Audience award / BAFICI Jury mention award.

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