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SALUZZI, Composition for bandoneon and three Brothers



The movie starts in European tour, a few months before Dino Saluzzi goes back to his hometown, Camposanto (Salta, Northeast of Argentina), and progresses along with the musical idea on wich he is working. The movie folows him in his wandering through roads and cities, his music composition, recording his look on the surrounding world, his inspired reflections on art, and the always vital bond he has with his homeland. Saluzzi comes back to Salta to rehearse the piece he created in Europe. But some of th customs of his hometown that had been a source of inspiration for him have changed. His two Brothers, also musicians, still live in Salta. They have been waiting to play with him.



Dino Saluzzi is one of the greatest bandoneon players, he also composed music for Jean Luc Godard´s film Nouvelle Vague, and Almodovar´s All about my mother. But the idea for this documentary originated in my interest in researching the art creation process. That is why my lookk to Dino Saluzzi is not biographical one, but seeks to capture the origin, the world of impressions and reflections about beauty and art that are at the center of his music works.The structure of the documentary progresses like the artist´s composition: it moves foward in different directions. It tries one way, then the other. Sometimes it seems to be guided by intution rather than a dramatic action.
A musician goes to his origins, where he finds the departure point of his creative process. In a cyclical way, as part of an infinite circle, he also discovers that he needs his music to remain in contac with his roots.

Original title / Saluzzi, ensayo para bandoneón y tres hermanos (35mm. Colour. 70 minutes. Color / B6W Doby Digital. Argentina 2003)

Cast / Dino Saluzzi, José Saluzzi, Mark Johonson

Script Adviser / Jorge Goldemberg

Direction of Photography / Ramiro Civita (A.D.F.)

Sound / Gaspar Scheuer

Editor / Lorenzo Bombicci


Produced / Daniel Rosenfeld Films

In co-production with / INCAA


Festivals / Argentinean Films Critics Association Awards Nominated as Best Film, Best Editing, Best PhotographyPremiered at Berlinale Fest Festival (forum), Karlovy Vary, Opening night New York Festival (Docfest), BAFICI, Chicago International Film Festival.



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