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In a small street in Brussels there is an unusual concentration of pianists: first, the home of Martha Argerich; the other, that of the Time-Lechner, four generations of pianistic wonders. With just fourteen, Natasha Binder is the heir to a dynasty, his last great promise. In the diaries of his mother, who was also a prodigious child in the family videos, pianists in the house next door, Natasha seeks answers to a key question: what is, in short, be a pianist?



Original title / La calle de los pianistas

Directed / Mariano Nante

Script / Sandra de la Fuente / Mariano Nante

Script collaborator: Daniel Rosenfeld

Produced / Mariano Nante / Sandra de la Fuente / Daniel Rosenfeld / Gaspar Scheuer / Luciana Corti

Executive Producer / Daniel Rosenfeld / Mariano Nante

Associate Producers / Patricio Alvarez Casado / Alejandro Azzano / Maarten D'Hollander 

Director of Photography / Juan Aguirre

Editor / Alejo Santos

Sound Designer / Gaspar Scheuer / Diego Martínez Rivero

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