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She has brought a phial of poison with her. Cornelia has come to her parental home with only one intention: to commit suicide. Why should an attractive young woman like her do such a thing? And who are those strange people in the house? It should be empty, but Cornelia keeps having visitors. You could call them intruders: the former friends, the mysterious little girl at the door, the masked thief and the charming Daniel. They thwart Cornelia's plan, even though she even begs them to murder her. With Cornelia at Her Mirror, Daniel Rosenfeld made a meticulous, stylish and oppressive literary film. Co-adapted for the screen with the actress Eugenia Capizzano, the story by Silvina Ocampo on which the film is based, is about mirrors and the possibility that we do not have just one voice but several. In this way, gazing into the mirror is a metaphor for the creative process. At the same time, this contemplative, mysterious film is about the tragic, ironic and romantic last moments of Cornelia. (IFFR catalogue)​




Original title / Cornelia frente al espejo

Based on the story / "Cornelia frente al Espejo" by Silvina Ocampo

Script Adapted / Eugenia Capizzano and Daniel Rosenfeld

Dialogs / Silvina Ocampo

Cinematography / Matías Mesa

Music / Jorge Ariagada

Sound Designer / Gaspar Scheuer

Sound Recordist / Nicolás Tabaréz

Editing / Lorenzo Bambicci

Art Direction / Daniel Rosenfeld

Wardrobe / Abril Belatti and Fátima Zorraquin

Assistant Director / Alejo Santos, Roberto Ceuninck, Fernando Alcalde

Cast / Eugenia Capizzano, Rafael Spregelburd, Eugenia Alondo, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Stefania Conejo

Produced by / Daniel Rosenfeld Films with argentinacine, INCAA, Hubert Bals Fund, 

Producton Head / Federico Prado

Co-Executive Producer / Javier Leoz

Color, 106 minutes, Dolby Digital.

World Premiere IFFR 2012

Directed by / Daniel Rosenfeld


This film was screened very successfully for two years.

Winner of Best Film Script Adaptation awarded by the Argentine Society of Writers and Authors.

Winner of Best Film Script Adaptationawarded by the Argentine Society of Film Critics

Winner of the Annual Post Production Award by the Rotterdam HBF

Premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival

Official Selection at the Moscow Film Festival

Competitor at the Havanna Film Festival

5 Argentine Academy Award Nominations for: Best Actress, Best Script, Best Wardrobe,Best Supporting Actress and Best New Actress


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