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LHernan (Ignacio Toselli) is a standard guy who works delivering with his little motorbike in the middle of the recent Argentinian crisis. His life seems to be boring and sad, now that his family moved to Spain. But he meets a girl, Pato (Moro Alighieri), at a gas station and he falls in love at first sight. She need a place to stay, so he offers to rent one of his rooms for her. After a while, they start a relationship, and Hernan seems to be living a dream. But the dream is about to get short, when he discovers that the girl has some secrets that he can't stand. Everything is going to become awkward when Pato's family moves in with them, and they don't seem to feel guilty about it. The greatest problem is that Hernan is to good to fight for what belongs to him, and in a couple of days, all the world seems to be against him. Pato is enigmatic. She has secrets everywhere, she seems to be too weak to stand all the problems and finds the easiest way. Sometimes she feel bad, but most times we don't know what the hell is doing. The movie has his best moments in the performances of Hernan, Pato and Venancio (Oscar Nuñez), and we get to laugh when Beto (the great Ariel Staltari of Okupas) and Seba (Pablo Ribba) appear. We are going to feel impotence from the beginning till the end, because of the problems that Hernan can't solve. Good acting, great script, marvelous reflex of the crisis in Argentina, where "good people like you (Hernan), we can't find anymore in this harmed country", as Venancio use to say.


Original title / Buena Vida, Delivery (feature film, associate producer)

Directed / Leonardo Dicesare

Edited / Mónica Gomez

Produced / Leonardo Dicesare & Sabine Sigler

Cast / Ignacio Tosellia y Mariana Angheleri


Associate producers / Daniel Rosenfeld y Edgard Tenembaun


Festivals / Best Film Mar del Plata Film Festival, Grand Prix Toulouse Film Festival

Valladolid Grand Prix; Best Film Critic's Association Condor de Plata





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